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AI for finance

Finance prediction system

During work, experienced traders use a wide range of indicators to predict market movements. Most of these indicators were invented in the last century and are not able to take into account all the smallest market movements. Our task was to build a solution based on artificial intelligence, able to solve existing problems, and able to use the maximum of the information available about the market.

We have created an AI-based indicator capable of predicting market movements with an accuracy of 85% on history and 82% in online regime. Close collaboration with domain experts helped to improve results and implement a working trading system based on our solution.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Deep EDA for health care retail

Large distributors of medical products have huge amounts of sales and product data. This information should be processed, structured, and checked for anomalies and outliers. Often, such data contains a large number of insights and can be used to predict sales and increase the company's profits.

Our team carried out a deep exploratory analysis of the data, which allowed us to highlight interesting dependencies. The results of our work were then applied to adjust the customer's sales ideology. This work has resulted in a 1.2% increase in annual sales, which is a very good indicator for the industry.

Recommender systems

Shopify platform recommender system

Shopify platform is a great opportunity for people to get their business online. Of course, it already contains several solutions for recommendations, but not many of them are able to perform in a regime of cold recommendations and be easily plugged to different kinds of shops.

We developed AI-based solutions including several parts with computer vision and natural language processing approaches. The system was able to work with cold recommendations and was performing automated integration with any type of shop.

Computer vision

Foyer camera recognition system

COVID-19 is a huge problem these days. One of the solutions for this is to replace people with AI where it is possible, for example, hosts in foyer. To prevent peoples' interactions we can set a camera with a face recognition system that will let people in and out.

The client got a system able to recognize a person, add his portfolio to the database, open/close the door, and handle all similar operations for foyer management. The system allowed to significantly decrease people's interactions at this level and so employees incidence was reduced by 22%.

Reinforcement learning

Cloud networks routing solution

Routing and resource allocation problems are very important in Cloud Networks. Today these problems are NP-hard and today are being solved using deterministic methods that should be programmed by humans. On the other hand, recently reinforcement learning has shown how powerful it is in application to such problems.

We developed a deep reinforcement learning based solution possible to perform 4-5% better than deterministic models, without the need to be manually programmed. This project also included work on new Graph Neural Network architecture and representation learning.

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